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So many words to choose from in the English language, so hard to choose just a few to form sentences.

Here's the choice cuts of what actual people just like you have had to say about this project.

March 19, 2008:
Name: Brett Chisholm
Proposed Lunch Locale: Chipotle
Uniquely assembled words:
I've been a Mitch Hedberg fan for several years now and had the same thought. That's when I typed it into google and discovered your website! Great job; you would make Mitch proud. Are you still running the site? It has been almost a year since you've updated it.

Brett is only 50% correct. The last update was on October 8th, 2007. Updates will come at a leisurely pace, which I imagine is how Mitch might have liked it anyway. I often hear from many people who have the same thought about the business cards, which in my mind proves that other people are awesome.

March 12, 2007:
Name: Kevin Holderny
Proposed Lunch Locale: Fat Heads
Uniquely assembled words:
I come from Pittsburgh, and a staple of the Steel City is Fat Heads. They have over 50 different beers on tap, and their "Southside Slopes" sandwich was the no. 5 best sandwich in the nation in Maxim Magazine. We can trade Mitch stories while we drink some Iron City, and eat a couple "Artery Cloggers".

I read Maxim for the sandwiches as well. Beer and Artery Cloggers sounds awesome. I will hit you up if I'm ever in Pittsburgh!

February 19, 2007:
Name: Lucas Schneider
Proposed Lunch Locale: I cannot, as I do not live near San Diego
Uniquely assembled words:
It is clear that you are a great fan of Mitch. And as such I emplore you to take part in our initiative to honor his memory by the ingestion of his prophesied sandwich on the anniversary of his death. Pastrami, cottage cheese, and banana bread. Please visit

I've been getting a few emails about the Mitch Sandwich project, hence the mention here. I'd love to post a picture of somebody actually eating a banana bread pastrami and cottage cheese sandwich. And Lucas: proximity to San Diego is not required for a lunch invite. Come on brother, be cool.

February 19, 2007:
Name: Conor Church
Proposed Lunch Locale: Ben Franklin's Sandwich Shop, San Luis Obispo
Uniquely assembled words:
Hey man, great website. I'll take you out to Lunch for the best sandwiches in SLO if you're ever on the central coast. But I do think you should distribute or at least sell your cards, that way more bowls will get more cards. But then... how would you get the lunches? Anyway you should not punish all of us for Dionne's mistake. And you should forgive Dionne for the sake of Karma. Don't worry about it, Dionne, Brian Chernicky, potential lunch winner, has forgiven you!

Conor is right - I should get other people to help me. And he was cool enough to be my first volunteer: I don't have to "forgive" Dionne now because Conor did it for me.

February 7, 2007:
Name: Kelly D
Proposed Lunch Locale: Gordon Biersch, Hofbrauhaus, Buff Wild Wings, Crown & Anchor
Uniquely assembled words:
I'm in Vegas, by the way.... the home of free this and that including, but not limited to, free Open Bar at various venues....It's possible that we could enjoy free trivia over your free lunch at BWW then swing on by the free Open Bar somewhere too...I'm just sayin'.... And before you say it, NO, what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas because I will tell everyone about this.

Kelly is awesome. She does everything correctly here: She gives me a multiple choice on lunch location, offers alcohol, and is a little flirtatious too. Girls are awesome. Kelly, I officially give you the title of "Fish Bowl Girl : Vegas". And because PTL readers asked for it: here's a pic of Kelly and a large bird.

February 1, 2007:
Name: Jeff Gilkenson
Proposed Lunch Locale: uhhhh
Uniquely assembled words:
i worked at a restaurant that featured your drawing, but it was a sham. a hoax. shenanigans. i put my business card from a previous job in the drawing...and it was there the entire time i worked there. it says they draw once a week but they don't. they take the cards with email addresses on it and email you advertisements.

It may be that nobody won because there weren't people coming into "uhhhh" restaurant to enter.

January 15, 2007:
Name: Andy Bader
Proposed Lunch Locale: a soup kitchen? hey, cash is tight sometimes.
Uniquely assembled words:
I was struck by how nicely designed your site is. same for the business cards. I don't know if you do design professionally, but ... hey, maybe you should.

Well thanks Andy. As a matter of fact I do design and develop sites, but I don't think it's what I should be doing. I think I should be a superhero, but so far the only super powers I have discovered are the "Morning Breath of Death", "Kitchen Floor Super Speed", and the much feared "Total Bathroom Destroyer".

November 25, 2006:
Name: Casey L.
Proposed Lunch Locale: Quiznos, Vista Way, Oceanside
Uniquely assembled words:
My store has a fishbowl. Hell, come up and show me that business card and I'll treat you to a lunch. No winning necessary. Unless you like it the hard way.

Officially the coolest email yet. We're on Casey - next time I'm over there!

November 24, 2006:
Name: John Myers
Proposed Lunch Locale: I cannot take you to lunch at this time
Uniquely assembled words:
I stumbled upon your website by accident and I applaud you! I had business cards made that also say "Potential Lunch Winner." I mistakenly put my email AND phone number on it. If you send me an address, I can send you a copy of my "business" card. I've only won a "free" two week trial gym membership from Gold's Gym. I have yet to win a lunch.

John's current financial situation precludes him taking me to lunch, and his being honest about that is cool with me. I too thought about doing the Gold's Gym thing, but I know for a fact that everybody wins a free two week trial at Gold's Gym.

October 10, 2006:
Name: Eden Notontheinternet
Proposed Lunch Locale: edmonton
Uniquely assembled words:
you have inspired me. i am printing out "potential contest winner" cards. you are either: 1) flattered 2) disappointed in having your idea stolen. the choice is yours.

You are: 1) wrong. The idea was Hedberg's.

October 10, 2006:
Name: Kusha Tavakoli
Proposed Lunch Locale: Le Buc Fin
Uniquely assembled words:
I was disappointed that there was not greater documentation of your free lunch effort on your website. Or is this disappointment at the failure to acquire free lunches? I do not know.

Well, you know - the experiment works on an extremely relaxed schedule.

August 22, 2006:
Name: Bo Silliman
Proposed Lunch Locale: Cafe 360 or Juanitas Taco Shop or Angelo'a Burgers (hwy 101)
Uniquely assembled words:
Mitch Hedberg was my first cousin, his mom Mary is my Mom's sister, i am 20 years old and fortuantely because our parents imigrated together we were always very close, i am very proud that mitch has had such impact on the world and i really really really like this website, alot. so if you want, we'll go to lunch, and smoke some itsaboy cigars.

My favorite comment so far. I don't care if the guy is for real or not. I think I will buy him lunch.

August 10, 2006:
Name: Dionne Mclaughlin
Proposed Lunch Locale: nowhere fast
Uniquely assembled words:
you should have cards for sale on this site, so people not in your area could purchase their own free lunch cards.....just a thought.

Notice how Dionne did not properly follow instructions and offer a suitable restaurant to buy me lunch at. So, now I will not sell business cards to anyone. Ever. You ruined it for millions, Dionne.


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