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september 24th, 2011: final odds of winning a free lunch: 9:1
Life. It comes at you at it's own pace, and before you know it, 3.5 years are gone. I loved the premise here, and i wish we could have made this happen with a bit more steam. But life had other plans to take up my time. To all the Mitch fans, cheers. Keep on winning those lunches!

march 19th, 2008: 2 years of free lunch & free lunch for 6
Today marks the 2 year anniversary of this site, which makes me feel ironically non-descript. Last week the Encinitas Noodles & Company called me to inform me that they want to buy me and 5 of my associates lunch. Lunch is served this Friday.

october 8th, 2007: catfishbowls
Haven't found any fishbowls in a while, but thanks to Ian Purton and SitePoint, I added a cool Catfish script to the homepage that shows the current lunch odds.

may 18th, 2007: marie callendar's, san juan capistrano
Threw one in their bowl, ending Chipotle's rein of entries.

may 5th, 2007: chipotle rosecrans comes through on the 6
I'm not sure how exactly I won 6 burritos yet, and I'm not sure how this effects the ratio, but thank you to Chipotle Sports Arena - whose burritos fed 6 guys and girls on the San Diego Kai Elua Hawaiian Outrigger team - myself included.

april 20th, 2007: chipotle rosecrans gone wild
Nina from Chipotle Rosecrans/Sports Arena called to tell me that I won 6 burritos. I feel like I won the burrito lottery. Since I do not believe it is possible for me to eat 6 burritos by myself, I will have to invite the fish bowl girls. This should be agreeable to the girls since this Chipotle location serves alcohol.

april 2nd, 2007: chipotle, rosecrans
Entered at Rosecrans location. Given how much I eat at Chipotle, one could very well wonder if this site was some lame attempt at viral marketing by Chipotle. I'm afraid any lameness is my doing, solely. And viral marketing? Please. They'd have the money to pay someone to update more often.

march 12th, 2007: chipotle, pacific beach
Chipotle is always a good source of fishbowls. Entered at the PB location. The Fish Bowl Girls want lunch next week, so I better win.

The lovely Fish Bowl Girls

february 6th, 2007: introducing the lovely FBGs (Fish Bowl Girls)
Meet Lindsay and Amber - the FBG's. If you are going to dedicate an afternoon putting your business card in fishbowls, I highly recommend bringing these girls along with you. What I don't recommend is choosing Pacific Beach, California to make your entries. We only found one real fish bowl in about 30 restaurants - Uno Chicago Grill, pictured here. The guys at Amore' Pizzeria tried to make a fishbowl out of their tip jar when they saw the girls walk in, but no cigar there fellas. The FBG's require Tequila to operate at optimum lunch-entry efficiency, and as such are game to go on another entry spree soon.

january 15th, 2007: time is a slippery bathtub
Cool people contact me every day. Unfortunately, none of them are rich enough to fund the experiment. I would love to travel across this great country of ours and just do entries for like two weeks non-stop until I'm out of cards. Back in the realm of reality, rent looms, debt collects, grey hairs appear. On the positive side, a few of the Brazilia girls seem game for a local entry spree day. Life could be a lot worse.

november 25th, 2006: planning the big day
It occured to me after many emails saying "what's the deal with no updates" that I should go on an entry spree, and kick this experiment into high gear. However, I will require some fishbowl models. I think I will invite some of the lovely ladies from Brazilia to accompany me on the forthcoming entry spree day. Stay tuned.

Free Lunch

september 8th, 2006: first free lunch
Had a free lunch today at Chipotle Encinitas. They even displayed the card on the fishbowl as seen here. Thanks to Jose and Josefina over there for the burrito. This brings the score for the Hedberg-Chernicky lunch ratio to 6:1.

september 6th, 2006: chipotle return
Put another one in at Chipotle Encinitas.

august 22nd, 2006: no free lunches, but you people are pretty cool
While I am 5:0 for free lunches, I have to say that I have met some really cool people via this site. What if you could see how cool? Now you can, in the new comments section - only from

august 8th, 2006: encinitas entry day
Cards dropped in fishbowls at Chipotle Encinitas, Roberto's Mexican Food Encinitas, Noodles & Company Encinitas, Baja Fresh Encinitas.

august 4th, 2006: the eXtreme poverty of fish bowls
I have found that business card fish bowls are actually hard to find when you are looking for them. I mean, you really have to make an effort to locate and enter free lunch contests. It is an all-afternoon sport.

june 29th, 2006: first contest entered
First contest entered at Roberto's Mexican Food, Leucadia. I'm feeling lucky. Maybe this weekend I'll go on an entry spree.

june 20th, 2006: biz cards part II
When I took in the business cards a month ago, I decided to support a local printing business. After numerous delays and excuses, I finally got them a full month later. From now on, I will buy everything online.

may 21th, 2006: biz cards part I
Designed the cards. They are at the printers.

may 19st, 2006: birth
The spirit of Hedberg found me at Chipotle in Encinitas, while I was looking at their fish bowl of cards. I told the lady at the counter the idea. She didn't think it was that funny, but she is WRONG. Made the site.


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